Bright sunshine over the weekend.
Prognosis of energy consumption of buildings.

2017-01-20 ws For the next days still cold but sunny winter weather is expected. Temperatures range from -8°C (locally less than -10°C) during night time to 0°C at noon. There are almost no clouds and bright sunshine is expected. There won't be any snowfall. The snow cover in the Jura-Region ranges between 20 cm in the lower areas and surpasses more than 70 cm in shielded areas. Typically the snow is now more dense and packed. Wind blows mostly from south with an average speed about between 10-15 km/h.

For non-insulated buildings these weather conditions may be the reason for a higher energy demand. A typical non-insulated single-family house may consumed between 20-40 Nm3 of natural gas (150 m2 net floor space).

For more detailed quantitative information consult enerMET v1.35: http://enermet-data.blogspot.ch/.